The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy

Retail: the next big charity partner?

Nearly every company and charity has an incredibly valuable asset to offer each other: their customer or donor database. And with huge customer databases, retailers and e-tailers are opening up a new fundraising arena.

And charities have something to give in return: access to their database.

Our job is to manage the partnership process and create AdCredits for our charities to spend across their marketing channels.

AdCredits = cost neutral marketing

If you’re a retailer…

  • Retailers and e-tailers open up their customer communications to becoming marketing space for charities (direct mail, email, website)
  • Charities create fundraising marketing campaigns
  • And pay e-tailers using AdCredits

If you’re a charity…

  • Charities open up their donor/member communications to becoming marketing space for e-tailers (direct mail, email, website)
  • E-tailers create special offers and discounts for charity members/donors and pay the charities using AdCredits

This form of endorsed ‘piggyback’ marketing is really effective and costs far less than standalone marketing.

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