Our story

Unlocking profit and purpose in marketing; the story behind Goodwill Rocks

It all started with a cute name and slightly daft idea to put on a rock festival for charity. But we don't do festivals - so we went back to our day jobs and waited for clarity.

As a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company, we had the pleasure of spending time with Sir Richard Branson, Jean Oelwang and the team at Virgin Unite. Their message was clear: combine profit and purpose in your day job.

And the penny dropped. We could make a real difference while going about our media and marketing business:

We could persuade publishers, TV networks and other asset owners to give away their remnant marketing space or time on a free or low-cost basis to help create efficient fundraising campaigns for charities.

We could also gain traction with charities (goodwill tends to do that); our suppliers would fill up their unsold slots and at the same time raise awareness of their direct marketing services to the charity sector.

We already had the supplier contacts, all we needed were some inquisitive charities to get involved. So we wrote (cold direct mail!) to the top 100 in the UK expecting only a handful to enquire. Imagine how surprised and chuffed we were when 19 charities quickly jumped on board. Many called it a wonderful idea and one even referred to it as a “movement”. We were off and running.

Next...how it works.