Jump on board

If you’d like to get involved in the Goodwill Rocks network, get in touch to make sure you’re at the top of the list for when the next slot opens up.

If you’re a charity…

We build a network of free and low-cost marketing channels and creative services that charities can utilise to create high-impact, cost-efficient fundraising campaigns.

Each charity has a Goodwill Rocks brand ambassador – authentically connected to the charity. We find out what you are looking for and the challenges you face and discuss new ways we can help with free marketing and explore new media channel fits for your organisation.

Our charities all get £50K of free marketing value from 20 suppliers; from testing inserts to DRTV, data pools to broadcast – we find the best solutions for each organisation.

All charities get VIP access to the headliners and combine their (now huge) buying power - a bit like a Groupon for the good - to access marketing and media at the lowest cost.

If you’re a media owner…

Media channels can ignite new charity sector spend by showing some Goodwill at the front end. Nearly every media channel has unsold ad space. Charities could be useful to you by filling unsold ad space on a free or low cost basis in a way that you are happy with.

You can either ‘sponsor’ an individual charity or donate assets to more than one.

Our suppliers (we call you headliners) get to workshop and present your solutions directly to the Goodwill Rocks charity network.

If you’re a creative or print supplier…

Talk to us about how you can support our charities and get involved in the network.

If you’re a retailer…

Read more here about the sharing economy.

Call Kat Sedge on 01732 529 337, or email kathrinesedge@thespecialistworks.com