How it works

Goodwill Rocks: how it works

We build a network of free and low-cost marketing channels and creative services that charities can utilise to create high-impact, cost-efficient fundraising campaigns.

Our first mission: to raise £1m of FREE marketing value in the UK

Our charities all get £50K of free marketing value from 20 suppliers; from testing inserts to DRTV, data pools to broadcast – we find the best solutions for each organisation.

Rocking on: The Goodwill Rocks buying network

Our charities combine their (now huge) buying power - a bit like a Groupon for the good - to access marketing and media at the lowest cost. And the 20 original suppliers (the headliners) get to workshop and present their solutions directly to the Goodwill Rocks network.

How to earn AdCredits for more FREE marketing…introducing Blue Chip brands and retailers to the mix

Nearly every company and charity has an incredibly valuable asset to offer each other: their customer or donor database. As specialists in ‘piggyback’ marketing we create partnerships which bring companies together to share their customer communications wherever there is spare marketing space. From display banners on websites to inserts in customer statement mailings or e-commerce deliveries – the potential volumes are huge.

Our job is to manage the partnership process and create AdCredits for our charities to spend across their marketing channels.

So how do we combine profit and purpose?

Our first act of Goodwill was to generate £1m of value with zero fee. We hit that target and kept on going...see the homepage for regular updates!

This takes a lot longer than buying paid for media. But we are delighted to be more impactful in our day jobs than doing ‘corporate stuff’ (although we raised £10K last year doing corporate stuff). This authentic engagement gains us credible traction with charities.

As yet we don't know where this thing is going and how big it’s going to get - but we do know the power of being on board. And maybe one day we’ll stage that Goodwill Rocks festival after all!

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