Meet our Headliners

We are delighted that so many media companies have joined us in this venture. Now we can explore new media channel fits for our charities

Press coverage is amazing, with contributions from the Telegraph Media Group, News UK (The Sun, The Times) and Mirror Group; plus Dennis Publishing is offering access to their magazine audiences, with relevant products like The Week and Computer Active.

Outdoor is covered by our TSW partner Talon Outdoor, the UK’s only independently-owned OOH media specialist; RadioWorks, the UK’s largest independent radio advertising agency are also on board, plus TV support from the major networks.

Data services are provided by Epsilon Abacus, part of the Epsilon group, offering analytics, profiling and propensity modelling of your supporter base.

Independent newspaper and magazine distribution company Self Select Distribution, specialising in free pick-up publications distributed via branded display units in the UK's leading supermarkets have offered their network.

TSW are also giving access to their attitudinal marketing tool, Personar which will allow you to understand more about what your supporters engage with, how they make decisions and how to communicate with them.

Plus, as retailers and e-tailers open up their customer communications, i-transact will allow you to access transactional media inventories across this highly responsive audience.

And new Headliners are finding Goodwill Rocks all the time! Consumer data marketing specialists DLG and PDV are the latest to offer a package on their charity lead generation site, Worthi.

If you’d like to be a Goodwill Rocks Headliner, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Call Kat Sedge on 01732 529 337, or email kathrinesedge@thespecialistworks.com